Credit Card Machines for Small Businesses

The majority of customers today are choosing electronic forms of payments versus cash for daily transactions since they are generally safer and quicker to process. With more than 80% of profit coming from credit and debit card transactions, it doesn’t make sense to alienate current and potential customers from the convenience of making their payments easier. At West Coast Capital, we offer the latest and greatest technologically-advances on credit card machines and processing equipment that would be best suited for your business needs. Enrolling to this service you’ll enjoy the following features and much more:

* Small, easy-to-use countertop PCI-compliant Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals – ideal for businesses of all sizes. These terminals are designed for daily use and are engineered to work flawlessly for years. PCI compliance means that transactions are protected and customer data is transmitted securely.

* Process up to 450 daily transactions – whether you process a few credit card transactions per week or operate a high volume of transaction per day, you’ll appreciate the ability to process up to 450 tractions a day.

* Support smart card and traditional payment methods – keep all your consumers happy by accepting all types of electronic card payments. From the latest in embedded chip technologies to standard magnetic stripe variants, you’ll be able to accept cards of all types.

* Options for new or refurbished equipment – Depending on your budget and your intended transaction volume, you’ll be able to choose from either new or refurbished processing equipment. The refurbished option may allow you to start accepting electronic payments for much less upfront cost than you might have thought.

Also, enjoy our team of industry experts available on hand to answer all questions you may have.

If you currently have merchant services with another company, contact one of our merchant account experts at West Coast Capital today, you may qualify for a better rate, advanced equipment, and faster funding. Contact one of our account specialists today to compare your options.