Merchant Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

Did you know? You may be losing thousands of dollars by no accepting credit or debit card transactions. Why allow almost 80% of point-of-sale purchases leave your business, when you can increase profit significantly by enrolling for merchant services. The latest equipment combined with the most advanced software, low rates, and excellent customer service, makes accepting credit cards from your customers easier and more user friendly than ever before.

Why process credit cards with West Coast Capital

Rely on your West Coast Capital team for expert guidance to get started easily, run your business more efficiently, and keep up to date with changing options and customer needs. Keep in mind, for every day you wait to switch credit card processors, your business is losing profits as well as potential customers.


* All credit card transactions are on one statement – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover – which you will save on multiple statement fees * Next day funding on your account * Accurate bookkeeping, which will save you time and money * No extra costs for separate statements

Plus, with West Coast Capital’ credit card processing service, you’ll receive:

* 24-48 hour approval turnaround

* Interchange Plus

Accepting Credit Cards for Your Business

Every business has different needs, and over time these needs change. As your business grows, you can count on us to bring you the latest payment technologies. When a customer makes a payment, a number of technologies and institutions work together in just a few seconds to approve the transaction and schedule payment to your account.

Swiping a card is the most preferred method of payment for consumers. Bring our quick and reliable card processing, along with our enhanced customer service to your small business with West Coast Capital’ merchant services.

*Applies to qualified Visa/MasterCard- swipe check cards

**Free for Standard Terminal Set-up